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Contemporary Full Length Mirror, 59"x 20"

Contemporary Full Length Mirror, 59"x 20"

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Blast-resistant glass: Scatter prevention and explosion-proof membrane, the burst-proof, shattered glass will not be spilled out even impacted by an external force, more safe and protective.

Three methods to install: Freestanding, wall-mounted and leaning

Aluminum Alloy Frame: Anti-rust and waterproof with long service life



Style Name:Modern & Contemporary

Manufacturer Part Number:JJ00755AAF

Max Order Quantity:1000


This full-length mirror is wide enough and tall enough for a total view of you! It's a large rectangular silhouette and it's made with an aluminum alloy frame in a neutral finish. Its vertical orientation is easily mountable behind the door or bathroom wall. It also has a tilt bar that allows you to let stand freely in your space. Plus, looking in the mirror is a great way to check your appearance. The mirror also makes your room look bigger.


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