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Four Piece Cotton 200X230 Bed Sheet Quilt Cover 180X220 Simple Mens Student Three Piece Suit

Four Piece Cotton 200X230 Bed Sheet Quilt Cover 180X220 Simple Mens Student Three Piece Suit

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Product information
Purpose: Geometric purpose
Color classification: Dark khaki
Style: Sheet type
Applicable bed size: 2.0m (6.6 feet) bed
Style: Modern and simple
Number of pieces: 4 pieces
Flower type: Taste youth, style life, Ferrag, Andy, Jane Eyre, Encore, Budd, Fashion Brand Times, Urban Code, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Publicizing Youth, Memorizing Time, Simple Love, Kathy, Eternal Youth , Love spread
Dimensions: A1A: 1.2m (quilt cover 160x210) student three-piece suit, A2A: 1.8m (quilt cover 180x220) four-piece suit, A3A: 2.0m (quilt cover 200x230) four-piece suit, A4A: 2.2m (quilt cover 220x240) four-piece suit, A5A : 1.2M bed sheet 160X210 quilt cover three-piece set, A6A: 1.5M bed sheet 200X230 quilt cover four-piece set, A7A: 1.8M bed sheet 200X230 quilt cover four-piece set (cm)

Weight(g): Taste youth-A1A:850; Taste youth-A2A:950; Taste youth-A3A:1125; Taste youth-A5A:890; Taste youth-A6A:1150; Taste youth-A7A:1280; Fashionable life-A1A:850; Fashionable life-A2A:950; Fashionable life-A3A:1125; Fashionable life-A5A:890; Fashionable life-A6A:1150; Fashionable life-A7A:1280; Farrag-A1A:850; Farrag-A2A:950; Farrag-A3A:1125; Farrag-A4A:1350; Farrag-A5A:890; Farrag-A6A:1150; Farrag-A7A:1280; Andy-A1A:850; Andy-A2A:950; Andy-A3A:1125; Andy-A5A:890; Andy-A6A:1150; Andy-A7A:1280; Jane Eyre-A1A:850; Jane Eyre-A2A:950; Jane Eyre-A3A:1125; Jane Eyre-A5A:890; Jane Eyre-A6A:1150; Jane Eyre-A7A:1280; Encore-A1A:850; Encore-A2A:950; Encore-A3A:1125; Encore-A5A:890; Encore-A6A:1150; Encore-A7A:1280; Bud-A1A:850; Bud-A2A:950; Bud-A3A:1125; Bud-A5A:890; Bud-A6A:1150; Bud-A7A:1280; Fashion brand era-A1A:850; Fashion brand era-A2A:950; Fashion brand era-A3A:1125; Fashion brand era-A4A:1350; Fashion brand era-A5A:890; Fashion brand era-A6A:1150; Fashion brand era-A7A:1280; City password-A1A:850; City password-A2A:950; City password-A3A:1125; City password-A5A:890; City password-A6A:1150; City password-A7A:1280; JaegerLeCoultre-A1A:850; JaegerLeCoultre-A2A:950; JaegerLeCoultre-A3A:1125; JaegerLeCoultre-A4A:1350; JaegerLeCoultre-A5A:890; JaegerLeCoultre-A6A:1150; JaegerLeCoultre-A7A:1280; Promote youth-A1A:850; Promote youth-A2A:950; Promote youth-A3A:1125; Promote youth-A5A:890; Promote youth-A6A:1150; Promote youth-A7A:1280; Memory of time-A1A:850; Memory of time-A2A:950; Memory of time-A3A:1125; Memory of time-A5A:890; Memory of time-A6A:1150; Memory of time-A7A:1280; Simple love-A1A:850; Simple love-A2A:950; Simple love-A3A:1125; Simple love-A4A:1350; Simple love-A5A:890; Simple love-A6A:1150; Simple love-A7A:1280; Casey-A1A:850; Casey-A2A:950; Casey-A3A:1125; Casey-A5A:890; Casey-A6A:1150; Casey-A7A:1280.

Package Weight(g): Taste youth-A1A:870; Taste youth-A2A:970; Taste youth-A3A:1145; Taste youth-A5A:910; Taste youth-A6A:1170; Taste youth-A7A:1300; Fashionable life-A1A:870; Fashionable life-A2A:970; Fashionable life-A3A:1145; Fashionable life-A5A:910; Fashionable life-A6A:1170; Fashionable life-A7A:1300; Farrag-A1A:870; Farrag-A2A:970; Farrag-A3A:1145; Farrag-A4A:1370; Farrag-A5A:910; Farrag-A6A:1170; Farrag-A7A:1300; Andy-A1A:870; Andy-A2A:970; Andy-A3A:1145; Andy-A5A:910; Andy-A6A:1170; Andy-A7A:1300; Jane Eyre-A1A:870; Jane Eyre-A2A:970; Jane Eyre-A3A:1145; Jane Eyre-A5A:910; Jane Eyre-A6A:1170; Jane Eyre-A7A:1300; Encore-A1A:870; Encore-A2A:970; Encore-A3A:1145; Encore-A5A:910; Encore-A6A:1170; Encore-A7A:1300; Bud-A1A:870; Bud-A2A:970; Bud-A3A:1145; Bud-A5A:910; Bud-A6A:1170; Bud-A7A:1300; Fashion brand era-A1A:870; Fashion brand era-A2A:970; Fashion brand era-A3A:1145; Fashion brand era-A4A:1370; Fashion brand era-A5A:910; Fashion brand era-A6A:1170; Fashion brand era-A7A:1300; City password-A1A:870; City password-A2A:970; City password-A3A:1145; City password-A5A:910; City password-A6A:1170; City password-A7A:1300; JaegerLeCoultre-A1A:870; JaegerLeCoultre-A2A:970; JaegerLeCoultre-A3A:1145; JaegerLeCoultre-A4A:1370; JaegerLeCoultre-A5A:910; JaegerLeCoultre-A6A:1170; JaegerLeCoultre-A7A:1300; Promote youth-A1A:870; Promote youth-A2A:970; Promote youth-A3A:1145; Promote youth-A5A:910; Promote youth-A6A:1170; Promote youth-A7A:1300; Memory of time-A1A:870; Memory of time-A2A:970; Memory of time-A3A:1145; Memory of time-A5A:910; Memory of time-A6A:1170; Memory of time-A7A:1300; Simple love-A1A:870; Simple love-A2A:970; Simple love-A3A:1145; Simple love-A4A:1370; Simple love-A5A:910; Simple love-A6A:1170; Simple love-A7A:1300; Casey-A1A:870; Casey-A2A:970; Casey-A3A:1145; Casey-A5A:910; Casey-A6A:1170; Casey-A7A:1300.

Package Size(mm): 450*240*120.


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