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Industrial glass chandeliers

Industrial glass chandeliers

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Model: Glass Chandelier
Light source type: led light
Voltage: 240 (V)
Lampshade material: glass
Main scope of application: leisure and entertainment venues
Switch type: button type
Style: American
Average service life: 30000 (h)
Transformer: None

Weight(g): 01style-White light 5w:1661; 03style-White light 5w:1720; 03style-Warm light 5w:1720; 04style-White light 5w:1150; 02style-Warm light 5w:1150; 04style-Warm light 5w:1150; 02style-White light 5w:1150; 01style-Warm light 5w:1661.

Package Weight(g): 01style-White light 5w:1681; 03style-White light 5w:1740; 03style-Warm light 5w:1740; 04style-White light 5w:1200; 02style-Warm light 5w:1200; 04style-Warm light 5w:1180; 02style-White light 5w:1200; 01style-Warm light 5w:1681.

Package Size(mm): 01style-White light 5w: 360*260*260; 03style-White light 5w: 360*360*270; 03style-Warm light 5w: 360*360*270; 04style-White light 5w: 200*200*320; 02style-Warm light 5w: 210*210*400; 04style-Warm light 5w: 270*270*280; 02style-White light 5w: 210*210*400; 01style-Warm light 5w: 360*260*260.


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