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Outdoor Patio Furniture Single Armchair with Cushions

Outdoor Patio Furniture Single Armchair with Cushions

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* Simple shape, round bend design in line with ergonomics.
* The product is lightweight, easy to move, and is not afraid of heat and cold.
* All-aluminum alloy main frame, strong and corrosion resistant, it can often used for outdoor use.
* Soft cloth is anti-splashing, friction-resistant, easy to take care of, breathable, sedentary and not sultry.
* Hidden zipper design, disassembly and washing at any time, convenient and fast.
* It filled with high-density rebound sponge, it is comfortable to sit for a long time, and it is not easy to deform.
* You can placed in outdoor courtyards, gardens, open-air balconies, swimming pools, or indoors.Living room, the place of use can be placed flexibly according to the needs of actual use.

* during the installation process, pay attention to the alignment of the holes between the aluminum shelves, use the corresponding screws, and follow the installation instructions.
* static load-bearing 180Kg of the seat during use.
* be careful not to put more than its load-bearing objects, so as to avoid damage or personnel injury, do not use sharp objects to scratch the aluminum frame and software parts, so as to avoid damage.
* when the soft cushion is not normally used, please keep it indoors or make other protection so as not to absorb water by the sponge after the rainstorm.


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