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Tassel square cushion pillow cover

Tassel square cushion pillow cover

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Product category: Contrast stitching fringed pillow
Jacket material: cotton
Filling: Cotton
Material: Cotton

Size: 45 * 45cm

Weight(g): Orange green-With core:500; Orange green-Without core:350; Green gray-With core:500; Green gray-Without core:350; Grey Orange-Without core:350; Grey Orange-With core:500.Package Weight(g): Orange green-With core:520; Orange green-Without core:370; Green gray-With core:520; Green gray-Without core:370; Grey Orange-Without core:370; Grey Orange-With core:520.Package Size(mm): Orange green-With core: 370*240*50; Orange green-Without core: 370*240*10; Green gray-With core: 370*240*50; Green gray-Without core: 370*240*10; Grey Orange-Without core: 370*240*10; Grey Orange-With core: 370*240*50.


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